Judith Lewis
Founder - DeCabbit Consultancy
Gianluca Binelli
Founder - Boosterbox
Martin Splitt
Martin Splitt
Developer Advocate - Google
Brad Geddes
Brad Geddes
Co founder - AdAlysis
Cindy Krum
Cindy Krum
Founder & CEO - MobileMoxie
rory truesdale
Rory Truesdale
SEO strategist - Conductor
Martin Rottgerding
Martin Röttgerding
Head of SEA - Bloofusion Germany
bas van den beld
Bas van den Beld
Digital marketing consultant
bastian grimm
Bastian Grimm
CEO & Co-Founder - Peak Ace AG
reuben milne
Reuben Milne

Who will come to Friends of Search?

At Friends of Search we welcome experienced (online) marketeers and SEO & SEA specialists who work for both advertisers and agencies. In one day they will get you up to speed about all development within the area of search.